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America’ s Top 50 Inclusion Corporations

Michelle Van Otten FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 1/25/17 | OMNIKAL | | America’s Top 50 Inclusion Corporations: Who’s Gaining Market Share By Doing The Right Thing?     Southport, CT: Today, OMNIKAL (formerly announced the Omni50 Award Winners, which are America’s Top 50 Inclusion Corporations. Those companies who are awarding the most business to the growing, culturally diverse vendor/supplier marketplace. These same corporations are also successfully appealing to the growing Millennial Generation, which, by 2020, will be the largest and most diverse population and market segment in America, * a market segment that is forcing brands to evolve
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OMNIKAL 1st Annual Supply Chain Entrepreneur ‘Pitch’ Contest

OMNIKAL 1st Annual Supply Chain Entrepreneur ‘Pitch’ Contest – For $10,000 in cash prizes. “Every breakthrough business idea begins with solving a common problem. The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity.” – Michael Dell     What’s this? By now you might’ve figured out that we exist to support entrepreneurs in achieving their goals to Go Big. At this year’s annual Business Summit, we decided to ditch the boring panels and turn up the energy with a live pitch competition – done our way! Our goal with the first annual pitch competition is to give our entrepreneurs a chance
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