Become a member of the largest membership-based organization for advancing entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses.
Get access to over 2 million business connections to build your targeted B2B network, make deals, gain Fortune 1000 visibility, and get the right tools and mentorship to learn, be inspired, grow & scale.
The biggest problems holding you back from achieving next level success
may be the same ones holding back most small to mid sized businesses…
  • Too difficult to use social media to make high level connections
  • Lack of mentorship, focused programs & tools to help entrepreneurs to grow & scale and truly succeed
  • Too costly to use big data to find highly targeted B2B connections
  • Higher-level programs to learn to grow & scale your business are exclusive, time consuming and expensive
  • Customer acquisition & achieving a larger marketshare are challenging
  • Not enough funded or venture backed companies
  • Not aware of opportunities to do business with Fortune 1000 companies
  • Too many organizations to join & fees to pay resulting in fragmented networking and limited connections
  • Too many profiles to maintain and update!
  • Organizations have the best intentions but still divide people into segments & labels
  • Too many “needed” certifications that impede big business contracts with Fortune 1000
  • No one platform provides connection to all people, products and services…


These are the very 12 reasons why we exist, and why we launched OMNIKAL.

Your membership helps you make the next level connections that give you the competitive advantage by developing the right relationships and targeted network with key people that result in massive business growth.

We believe the time is NOW to help mentor entrepreneurs and companies and solve challenges that make growing your business easier.

In fact…our mission is to help you succeed through learning, growth & mentorship that results in you becoming a tier-one strategic-partner supplier for Fortune 500 enterprises nationally and globally.

Your Business Membership helps you reach peak success by giving you…
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    Exclusive Access to over 2 million inclusive business profiles, making B2B matchmaking connections simple & profitable
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    Develop a targeted network with other companies and senior executives and start making deals in minutes
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    Access to the OMNIKAL network that has already produced over $1 billion in member-to-member sales transactions and counting
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    Visibility with, and opportunities to connect to, the Fortune 1000
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    Unique business URL that quickly provides access to your business profile across social media
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    One easy to update profile to maintain that’s used by all businesses
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    Preferred seating at the OMNIKAL Annual Business Summit where you can connect with Fortune 100 leaders and recognized industry experts
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    Inclusion into the Mentorship Roundtable for personalized advice from business and industry leaders who can shortcut your entrepreneurial journey to success
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    Learn how to grow your business with our SMB training center that gives you access to world-class programs, tools and resources at your fingertips.
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    Boost your brand presence & opportunities with our media directory & press kit
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    Enjoy opportunities for business awards and to step into the spotlight as a featured business owner

‘Your success depends on finding, connecting with and developing the right relationships with the right people in order to gain the competitive advantage in your market.’

You are only as successful as the right people you choose to surround yourself with.
Your exclusive membership is designed to elevate you…
And give you access to powerful leaders that want to help you grow through challenges, make your come up and succeed!

Join the nation’s largest inclusive organization NOW that allows you to connect with all people, products and services in one growth-focused platform.

Choose the Business Membership Level that serves you best…


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Access to over 2 million B2B matchmaking business profiles checkmark checkmark checkmark
Build unlimited lists of B2B networks checkmark checkmark checkmark
Make deals with supply chain partners checkmark checkmark checkmark
Make Fortune 1000 connections checkmark checkmark checkmark
Unique business URL to easily promote your business profile across social media checkmark checkmark checkmark
Access to the Mentorship Roundtable for invaluable feedback & personalized mentorship from top tier entrepreneurs Personal direct email response from our monthly mentors 24/7 Exclusive access for Mentorship questions, connection & insights General access for Mentorship questions, connection & insights
Monthly Q&A webinar with our featured mentors checkmark checkmark checkmark
Access to the Business Training Center with Dozens of University Level Training Programs Platinum Level Access to All Programs and Premium Level Content Gold Level Access to All Programs and Premium Level Content Silver Level Access to Premium Level Content ONLY
Monthly live business training webinar with industry experts checkmark checkmark checkmark
Opportunity for visibility to step into the spotlight as a featured business owner checkmark checkmark checkmark
Opportunity for annual awards nomination checkmark checkmark checkmark
OMNIKAL Annual NYC Business Summit Benefit Level

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20% Discount on tickets (Save $139 on your ticket!)

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Here’s what our clients say about OMNIKAL…


Cloud Omnikal register awards business corporate entrepreneur

It’s inspiring to be a part of such an accomplished group that’s changing the game globally for how companies should look! The icing on the cake is that I’ve always been proud of my team – without ever realizing our entire company was comprised of minority groups. Being recognized by OMNIKAL has me be proud of our commitment to helping people, particularly in an industry where Diversity hasn’t been the norm. I love celebrating with other business owners that are all up to the same game- helping companies and our economy thrive through diverse teammates, thank you OMNIKAL!



We assume all the risk so you have nothing to lose.

We’re so committed to your success that we want to assume all the risk so you have nothing to lose. That’s right. We care that much.

Rest assured you’re in good hands! We’ve been creating high level connections and matching business owners to opportunities for over 10 years that have resulted in over $1 billion of sales transactions. We care about you, your ability to thrive and to be successful in your business.

We know you’re going to love the OMNIKAL membership platform and community as much as we love providing this special platform for you! However, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, you can cancel and we will refund your membership dues any time within the 30-day trial period. For any reason!