OMNIKAL is the Nation’s largest, inclusive business organization, built to empower all entrepreneurs, small to medium sized businesses and Fortune 1000 organizations through “a powerful B2B social networking platform” that fuels real growth & success.
We stand for your ability to succeed and accomplish your goals and dreams. Because we believe that together we create the ripple effect of wealth for people, communities and planet.
Together We Are…
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    Connecting all businesses.
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    Accelerating business growth.
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    Evolving entrepreneurship & economic impact.

Your membership with us is the gateway for you to…

Connect with millions of businesses and Fortune 1000 organizations

With over 2.5 million strong, you now have direct access to decision makers ranging from Fortune 1000 corporations, government, higher educational and businesses that will make all the difference in your ability to successfully grow your business.

Build networks & key relationships

Use the social platform to build and market your unique business profile, find critical groups of contacts and establish key relationships that become your business lifeline.  You can also send invites to non members so you can have your entire business network in one central place.

Generate new business opportunities

With over $1 billion in membership sales transactions to date, you now have the ability to join them in the ranks. With just one click and with 24/7 access, you can instantly start connecting with the right partners, potential customers and decision makers from any device, anywhere.

Learn to grow and scale your business

Access university level experts & training that provide you with top-tier education to overcome obstacles & shorten your learning curve.

Gain Fortune 1000 visibility

Get seen and build a strong relationship with our Fortune 1000 sponsors & member organizations who are looking to extend contract/partnership opportunities in order to fulfill their supply chain needs. 

Get mentorship from successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders

Jump start your journey to success by accessing mentorship from the world’s leading entrepreneurs and industry leaders who provide critical learning insights for today’s issues.

How can we help you grow?

You may wonder who we are!

The OMNIKAL team is comprised of the nation’s most dedicated and leading successful entrepreneurs, world-class business strategists, global branding/marketing professionals and social media experts who are pioneering the next level of inclusive business growth.

Together We Are reinventing the way forward for entrepreneurs and organizations to thrive.

We exist to connect, elevate and support all facets of your business development and growth.

We Are One Strong, Connected, Community of Go-Getters, Who are Making a Difference!

Cloud Omnikal register awards business corporate entrepreneur

It’s inspiring to be a part of such an accomplished group that’s changing the game globally for how companies should look! The icing on the cake is that I’ve always been proud of my team – without ever realizing our entire company was comprised of minority groups. Being recognized by OMNIKAL has me be proud of our commitment to helping people, particularly in an industry where Diversity hasn’t been the norm. I love celebrating with other business owners that are all up to the same game- helping companies and our economy thrive through diverse teammates, thank you OMNIKAL!


What do you get when you become a member with us?

Exclusive access to the nation's leading entrepreneurs and Fortune 1000 organizations

With over 2.5 million member businesses and Fortune 1000 organizations; you now have instant access to connections that will make all the difference in building key relationships and which make becoming a social influence, easy and effortlessly.

Increase your income potential

Through our unique technology, search functionality and matching tools, our social platform gives you the right visibility to attract & develop maximum business opportunities.

Gain the competitive advantage

In addition to the access of over 2.5 million business profiles, you also receive exclusive access to world class mentorship, webinars, training, b2b summit, national business awards, news, articles & other social tools that gives you the right insight to stand out and above your competitors.

Get Seen and Build relationships with Fortune 1000 organizations

We prepare you to attract and connect with Fortune 1000 supplier diversity, sourcing and procurement professionals who are looking for the right suppliers to fulfill their supply chain needs. We are proud that our members represent some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and businesses that provide goods and services to these organizations.

Grow and go big!

The greatest thing we love to do is to give access to entrepreneurs, especially those who just started and making their come-up, to high level mentors who’ve been in the trenches and teach from hard core lessons & experience.

Save time, effort, energy and money

We understand that managing membership across multiple organizations can be expensive and frustrating. That is why at Omnikal, we work diligently to ensure that we tie all the benefits of these organizations and more under one umbrella. Through our unique technology, you have full access to a robust social platform of resources that are built for your growth and success. The cool thing is, you can access 24/7, from anywhere or any device and did we mention, at a significant economical cost.