National Entrepreneur’s Initiative

The mission of the National Entrepreneurship Initiative is to encourage, motivate and educate individuals about the opportunities and rewards of being an entrepreneur.

NEI’s mission is also to promote the successful efforts of America’s top privately owned businesses.

Since 2000, through rigorous research, data collection and analysis, OMNIKAL has identified the most successful companies in the United States.  These efforts have allowed us to recognize the leading entrepreneurs throughout the country.

Public awareness of the success of these leading companies, will serve as a catalyst to inspire others to follow in the footsteps of successful companies.  In turn, entrepreneurship stimulates economic growth and prosperity throughout the nation.  We expect over 3,500 businesses, with revenue ranging from $5 million to over a $ 1 billion to join the National Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Every large company started out as a small company.

Every small company was started by someone who was inspired and motivated to give entrepreneurship a go.  But not every American has a role model whose path they can follow.  The purpose in recognizing these top companies and showcasing their success through the National Entrepreneurship Initiative is to make sure that every potential entrepreneur gets the inspiration they need to fulfill their dreams.

Drawing attention to the success of this year’s top list of honorees is an important step in this process.  Awareness of their achievements is instrumental in generating that spark that inspires and motivates the next generation of entrepreneurs to make that first move towards starting their own company. This effort empowers our next generation of visionaries, innovators and leaders who will someday, be responsible for job creation and building our nation’s future.

We can invigorate our country’s competitive spirit of being economically self-sufficient, which has been a core American value throughout our rich history. The ball is now in our court to leave a lasting mark for future generations.  All it takes is one news story, one encouraging quote, one interview, one picture to make all the difference in someone else’s life to believe that they, too, can own their own business.

“At the pulse of every country’s economic engine is entrepreneurship,” says Kenton Clarke, President & CEO of OMNIKAL.Capitalism is the root of America’s history and as a nation; we should promote entrepreneurship through our educational systems at the same level as reading and math. It’s necessary to maintain a world class economy and to remain a global competitor. OMNIKAL is committed to leading these efforts through our National Entrepreneurship Initiative.