Omnikal 19th Annual Post Summit Review


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Omnikal successfully concluded it’s 19th National Awardee Luncheon attended by the Nation’s top entrepreneurs and corporate executives from across the country. The focus of the Luncheon fostered the establishment of key relationships, exchanging of ideas and the further advancement of supporting inclusive business opportunities that serve entrepreneurs in growing their ventures.

Held in New York City, this year’s luncheon was highly revered by those who attended.  The exclusive and intimate nature of the event allowed for a remarkable day of celebration, networking and personal one-on-one conversations.

Omnikal formally recognized the Nation’s top companies during the lunchtime ceremony for their hard work and commitment to impacting multicultural markets in the United States. Companies awarded included winners of the OMNI50 and the OMNI500 listings, which honor, respectively, the Fortune 500 companies and top government agencies most dedicated to supporting diversity, inclusion. In addition, the nation’s top diverse-owned businesses.

“The relationships and knowledge transfer at this year’s event was outstanding. At Omnikal we are proud to be the nation’s leading catalyst for supporting entrepreneurs and building wealth” said Kenton Clarke, CEO of Omnikal. 

Northrop Grumman Corporation was named the #1 Omni50 Award Winning Corporation for giving inclusive business opportunities to diverse suppliers. Other corporations at the top of the winners list included: Wal-Mart, Apple, IBM, UPS, General Motors, Hilton, AT&T, Bank of America, Verizon, Toyota, Raytheon, Kroger, Microsoft, The Coca-Cola Company and Cisco.

Conference attendees received a world class treat as they listen to a riveting rendition of the star spangle banner by Wax Frias-Louden, Business Development Executive Support at ePERFORMAX Contact Centers & BPO. Aziz Ahmad, CEO at UTC Associates presented an exceptional inspirational speech about his journey and the rewards and challenges of being and entrepreneur.

The Summit was also attended by many entrepreneurs and diversity practitioners from leading educational institutions and Fortune 100 companies who spoke with, supported and collaborated with many of our award recipients in attendance. The level of exclusivity, one-to-one connection and intimacy that is achieved by Omnikal’s Annual Awardee Luncheon is second to none.

Sponsors of the 2019 Omnikal Business Summit included: Apple, Walmart, UPS, Colgate-Palmolive, CVS Caremark, General Motors, Hilton, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Time Warner, United States Postal Service  and DiversityComm.


Omnikal was founded in 1999. Now the Nation’s largest inclusive business organization, Omnikal promotes entrepreneurship and the belief that entrepreneurs create real world solutions to today’s business and economic challenges. By fostering deeper and broader collaboration between business owners and entrepreneurial support organizations, the Omnikal network fuels healthier ecosystems through job creation, professional development and drives innovation resulting in strong economic growth.