By Courtney Rosenfeld

Simplify the Solopreneur Life with These Technological Upgrades


We live in the future — work can mean just about whatever you want it to these days. “Solopreneurs” are taking control of their work lives at an ever-increasing rate, and lots of it is happening thanks to technological developments that are continuing to put more and more power in the hands of the worker.

And this doesn’t limit itself to those of us living the “freelance life;” workers of all stripes have been enjoying the expanded possibilities that have come with our current generation of technology, and the resulting workforce is happier and more productive than ever.

Office-based organizations now have the capacity to expand their operations well beyond the limitations of their office space or real estate, collaborating with workers in other countries and letting employees live their lives in the most comfortable way possible. Freelancers now have more tools than ever, and they’re able to connect with clients and collaborators while working with greater agility than just about any other time in the recent past. 

Know Where to Go for Delegation

Great work almost never happens in a vacuum, and just about any good worker knows that a canny collaborator is almost always worth their weight in gold. Plus, when business really starts to pick up, it’s best to outsource work lest you find yourself spread too thin and unable to deliver in the way that you should be delivering for your clients.

Freelancer job boards are places to recruit freelancers who can help keep your workload manageable and allow you to tap into professionals with skills like graphic design, accounting, marketing and more. The best job boards will feature plenty of work samples in addition to biographical information and details. This way you can actually assess the quality of a given individual’s work right out of the gate.

A Team Hub and Task Manager

Once you’ve found the best, most talented people around to work with, you’re going to need a way to systematize the entire thing. Working with others online is a great way to expand your productivity and get more done, but it’s also an easy way to let things accidentally slip through the cracks…especially as things get busier and busier.

A tool like Slack is a great way to make sure you and your team stay in constant communication, collaborating and trading ideas almost as though you were all in the same room together. Slack has a desktop and mobile app, so workers can chime in from just about anywhere they please.

Project management tools like Asana are also highly effective when it comes to managing anything from a massive project to small, day-to-day things that need to get done. The interface allows you to get as granular as you’d like, keeping track of projects on both the macro and micro levels.

Stay in Touch with a Savvy Smartphone

No good solopreneur can get the job done without a good smartphone, and you need a good service provider to keep you up to speed with reliable service, no matter where you are. Look to wireless carriers like Verizon which offers coverage for 98 percent of the American population. When it comes to choosing a phone, iPhone fans have the option of checking out the new high-tech iPhone 11 Pro Max — its incredible battery life is perfect for the freelancer who spends their day on the go. Android devotees can check out the best new devices for 2019 like the Galaxy S10, which is tricked out with similar specs and boasts a beautiful display, to boot.

When it comes to service, make sure you seek out a plan that goes easy when it comes to data. As a mobile worker, you’re going to be using your data plan a bit more than the average bear, so it’s smart to cut costs where it’s possible to do so.

Good work can happen just about anywhere, and the right technological tools can most definitely help you do it. Whether that means a new computer, a shiny new tablet, or simply signing up for a nifty online job board, there are a ton of solutions that can help you work harder, better, faster, and smarter.

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