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Methods for Preventing Costly Inventory Mistakes in Your Warehouse

By Marcus Lansky Methods for Preventing Costly Inventory Mistakes in Your Warehouse No matter how large or small your warehouse is, it can be hard to keep track of everything in detail. As a small business owner, it’s crucial that you know how to track and organize your inventory. If there are too many holes in your system, you can lose track of items, or worse, face shipping delays that damage your reputation with customers. Below, find out how you can avoid inventory management issues to keep your business going strong. Revisit Your Training Procedures If you hire people to
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8 tips to enable a cloud-based remote workforce

By Carl Ramkarran 8 tips to enable a cloud-based remote workforce (Article is originally published on The SHI Blog- Only a third of people in the United States worked remotely prior to March 4, according to a Workhuman survey. A mere three weeks later, the reality is starkly different. Thousands of employees nationwide are being told by their employers or their government officials to stay and work from home with no clear answers on when the restriction will lift. With so much uncertainty, one thing is crystal clear: Your organization needs a business continuity plan in place to minimize disruptions
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The Most Overlooked Real Statistic in Apple’s Diversity & Inclusion Report

Apple’s Diversity & Inclusion Report by Michelle Van Otten | CEO Omnikal | Big. But before we share with you exactly what that is…. We want to give accolades to Apple’s first Diversity & Inclusion Report by Denise Smith Young, Apple’s Vice President for Inclusion & Diversity . The truth is, they are making great strides toward becoming a more diverse and inclusive organization. The most important point today should be the focus on the positive, not berating negatives. Everyone would agree we have enough negativity in our world. We say, focus on what’s good. What right actions are being taken? What
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