Apple’s Diversity & Inclusion Report

by Michelle Van Otten | CEO Omnikal


Big. But before we share with you exactly what that is….

We want to give accolades to Apple’s first Diversity & Inclusion Report by Denise Smith Young, Apple’s Vice President for Inclusion & Diversity . The truth is, they are making great strides toward becoming a more diverse and inclusive organization. The most important point today should be the focus on the positive, not berating negatives. Everyone would agree we have enough negativity in our world.

We say, focus on what’s good. What right actions are being taken? What leadership action is Apple taking that is setting the example that moves inclusion forward?

Besides the stats mentioned in the report, there is one important and overlooked statistic that OMNIKAL would like to acknowledge. And that is, Apple was selected as the number 4 company in the U.S. for providing business opportunities to diverse and women owned businesses within their supplier diversity/supplier inclusion initiative.

Each year we here at OMNIKAL conduct an online survey with our community of over 2 million business owners. Our members vote on which companies are purchasing the most goods and services from diverse owned companies within their supply chains. Check out the full report here.

Fact is, Apple has continued to move up each year on this list because of their commitment to doing more for the multicultural business community and entrepreneurship.

We want to also acknowledge the unsung hero’s of Apple’s Supplier Diversity Initiative, Walter Freeman, Director of Procurement, Scott Vowels, Supplier Diversity manager and Alex Alvarez, Supplier Diversity Change Agent who work tirelessly to support the growth of multicultural entrepreneurship throughout Apple’s supply Chain.


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