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One Band One Sound – A Musical Path to Secure Your Brand’s Reputation

One Band One Sound – A Musical Path to Secure Your Brand’s Reputation By Kenton Clarke Founder & Social Entrepreneur | Omnikal   A Unified Sound Develops a Lasting Memory The topic on many corporate minds today and conversations inside corporate teams is one of brand reputation and brand rescue. The most recent examples of message confusion, message delusion and brand salvage have been seen in the form of national ad campaigns, employee communication and corporate leaders’ far-reaching statements. Diversity and Inclusion. These two words are the running theme for the examples mentioned. I want to ask you to take
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What was wrong with “Diversity Business?”

What was wrong with “Diversity Business?” Diversity Business has changed its name, focus and more – to serve and to be in step with a rapidly-changing business world. The word “diversity” has outlived its time. “Diversity” means seeing and labeling differences.“Inclusion” is the word, the energy and the meaning the world is increasingly demanding. “Inclusion” in business means an ideal, level playing field where all supplier/vendor firms are seen and hired based on their qualifications, abilities and quality, with no regard to separating issues of ethnicity, gender, etc.“Inclusion”means more choices for buyers. “Inclusion” means more opportunities for sellers. So we
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