OMNIKAL 1st Annual Supply Chain Entrepreneur ‘Pitch’ Contest – For $10,000 in cash prizes.

“Every breakthrough business idea begins with solving a common problem. The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity.”

– Michael Dell



What’s this?

By now you might’ve figured out that we exist to support entrepreneurs in achieving their goals to Go Big. At this year’s annual Business Summit, we decided to ditch the boring panels and turn up the energy with a live pitch competition – done our way!

Our goal with the first annual pitch competition is to give our entrepreneurs a chance to pitch to and be seen and heard by Fortune 1000 seasoned supply chain executives. What is supply chain management? Click here to find out.


What’s in it for you?

The pitch competition is your opportunity to get LIVE facetime and exposure to the professionals and organizations you might not normally have a chance to be in front of. Our judges are all top executives from Fortune 1000 organizations with supplier inclusion initiatives that seek to include privately held companies within their supply chain.

Contest participants will be featured contestants through all our social media and marketing channels leading up to the event, getting you maximum exposure for you and your business.

Cash prizes will be awarded to first, second place and third place Pitch winners along with resources to move your idea to the next level.

First Place Cash Award:
Second Place Cash Award:
Third Place Cash Award:

Who should pitch?

The OMNIKAL Entrepreneur Pitch is for you if you have an established business, have a proven product-to-market fit and are making sales. It’s also for you if you are looking to grow to the next level, get connected to and potentially do business with Fortune 1000 companies.

Pitch Guidelines

The purpose your pitch is to…

  • Obtain attention from potential partners and/or a particular Fortune 1000 Executives who could potentially include you in their supplier inclusion initiative.
  • Get your audience to say, “Wow, tell me more!!” You will need to prepare to crush it with your presentation. (Do your homework, research, prepare & do your best!)
  • During the Competition Sessions, each presenter will be given 2 minutes to pitch their business to the judges.
  • The judges have three (3) minutes max to ask clarifying questions only. There will be a thirty (30) second transition time for judges to prepare for the next presenter.
  • Time will begin when the presenter begins to speak and will expire in exactly 2 minutes. Best to prepare your pitch to conclude in less than 2 minutes.

What creates a winning pitch?

In addition to pitching the products/services you provide and the major problem you solve, make your pitch around these key points:

  1. Clearly articulate the value you bring to an organization’s supply chain management and stakeholders. A key criterion in being selected as a supplier is value. But cost should not be the lone driver; you should instead emphasize your track record and results in:
    • Your reliability and responsiveness
    • Demonstrated quality
    • Strong customer service & excellent communication
    • Delivery commitments
    • Partnership type approach to building a relationship you
    • Resource savings (hard and soft)
  2. Having an outstanding track record of supplier performance and with key relationships you have worked hard for and with.
  3. What differentiates you in your marketplace and why this matters.

Official Contest Information & Rules

1.) Contest is open to all Summit attendees

2.) All competitors can either submit a pitch application form HERE or, a 2 minute video of your pitch to be considered as one of the top 10 finalists chosen. All applications & pre-screen video pitches must be submitted for review before April 10th, 2017.

3.) 10 finalists will be chosen from our competitor applicants to present their pitch LIVE at the Summit for a chance to win! However, even if you are not chosen as a finalist to pitch LIVE, your 2 minute pitch video will be featured on our blog, gaining exposure to all Fortune 1000s and to our entire entrepreneur community who are looking to connect with and do business with you.

4.) All submissions become the property of and you grant permission for exclusive rights and use.

5.) No outside audio/video equipment will be allowed during LIVE pitch. All LIVE presentations will be recorded and become the property of However you will have a chance to purchase video of your presentation!

6.) Entrepreneurs have 2 minutes max to pitch. Judges have 3 minutes max to ask clarifying questions. Judges will determine all winners

7.) Winners will be announced at the Summit at the end of the competition and will take part in a photo shoot upon receiving prize winnings.

3 Important things you must do NOW prior to the pitch deadline…

1.) You must register for the Omnikal Summit prior to submitting your video pitch. Click HERE to register now.

2.) Click HERE to submit your pitch application and video. All pitch submissions must be made before April 10, 2017

3.) Finalists will be notified no later than May 5, 2017! Be prepared to come to NYC and have a great experience!

If you have any questions regarding the Pitch, submissions or videos, please contact

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