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Workforce Evolution & Untapped Top Talent

By  Arlene Donovan Workforce Evolution & Untapped Top Talent   The missing link in today’s workplace reflects a significant exclusion of individuals age 45 and older and is present across all industries. This deficiency or some would say exclusion is seen in sectors from universities to hospitals, service providers to practitioners, and faith-based to non-profits. Mature workers are having a difficult time getting hired. The U.S. Department of Labor has taken all of the data into account in its latest projections of labor force participation and according to these estimates, there will even be slight declines in participation among those aged
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5 Ways Managers can Build Trust in the Workplace

by Raul Harman 5 Ways Managers can Build Trust in the Workplace One of the major problems today’s businesses face is the lack of trust. According to the Elderman 2016 Trust barometer, 35% of people don’t trust the company they work for. The results the Global generations study by EY shows are even more worrisome. They found that only 46% of employees have a great deal of trust in their employers. The factors that led to this are multiple, from unfair employee compensation and unequal opportunity for promotion to poor collaboration. The lack of trust within your organization may trigger
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