By Barry Moltz

What To Do When Someone Unsubscribes From Your List


I recently posted this on Facebook about unsubscribes:

What do you do when someone you know as a friend or customer unsubscribes from your list? Do you reach out to them with “Why”?

I received an outpouring of responses from my Facebook friends:


  • I never even notice or care with regards to my list. People have their reasons. No software measures friendship..
  • When I unsubscribe, it’s not personal.
  • Send a kind message from the owner saying good bye/we’ll miss you/sorry to see ya go etc and a hope to see ya back sentiment wouldn’t hurt.
  • In the retail world, it’s known as “shrinkage”. It is part of the natural scheme of things. Just business.
  • I wouldn’t, that is an intrinsic part of taking nothing personally. If he or she was an important part of my circle, I’d reach out to be sure I haven’t caused any damage.
  • My thinking is always- “be me, and the people that don’t want anymore of me, can unsubscribe.” The end result is more people in my list who are bought in.
  • I don’t. I find a) they’re following me on one of a zillion other locations or b) I was just not for them. NOW IF IT’S A CUSTOMER who is not BUYING or etc – then a quick follow up – YES!!!
  • Depends on whether they signed up and then later unsubscribed OR if you signed them up and they finally got around to unsubscribing.

Ok, but I want to know why they did this now? Was it bad content that they never read?

This is what I do when someone unsubscribes from my list? I send a note that says:

I saw that you unsubscribed from my list. Thanks for being being part of my community and I am sorry to see you go. For the future, can you tell me why you unsubscribed? As always, let me know how I can help you in the future.

Most of the time, I get no response, but I think that a smooth exit is as important as an big entrance.

What do you do when someone unsubscribes?


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