Global Planners Success Story

By Megan Buzzetta

President & CEO | Buzz Registration 

Global Planners, Inc. (GPI) and it’s subsidiary, BUZZ Registration are WBE-certified companies that support the meeting and events industry. GPI provides meeting planning services, while BUZZ specializes in event registration management. The founder, Megan Buzzetta, has a success story to inspire any woman that with hard work, focus and dedication, you can accomplish your own personal dreams, and most importantly, mentor, guide and build other woman up along the way.

Megan launched GPI in the fall of 2000, in a spare bedroom of her home, with a vision and a dream and a loan of $3,000. Her original business strategy was born while she was employed by a large financial services firm, planning meetings and events for the insurance division. She quickly realized that her expertise could be transcended to provide meeting planning services to this niche financial market, and more. When her revenues climbed from $300,000 the first year — an outstanding start — to $7,000,000 by the third year, and ultimately $30,000,000 in 2007, it was evident that this admirable endeavor would some day be recognized in the industry as a phenomenal example of how to turn a dream into reality. It is a true success story and an example and inspiration to anyone who has a dream of starting a business.

Even when faced with an economy that practically stopped incentive trips, most corporate travel and even sales meetings in 2008, Megan led the company through the ups and downs of changes in meeting types, clients and a re-evaluation of services offered. Today, Global Planners is still finding great success, many times marketing meeting services to clients as a la carte services, as opposed to a fully-outsourced solution. And, in 2011, Megan recognized a need in GPI’s current client base for focused assistance solely in registration management and behind-the-scenes administrative support. This is when BUZZ Registration was born!

Megan’s success is grounded in her leadership style, which clearly puts the focus on her employees and clients, rather than on herself or her personal achievements. This approach to leading her team and managing her company(s) is what continues to set her up for future successes. She manages a dynamic and empowered team, who happen to be primarily female, who are encouraged to think outside of the box and work together on new ideas. She is passionate, committed, driven to succeed, and desires to see her team achieve their goals and reach their own dreams. These characteristics are reflected in the corporate culture and in each of her employees, and ultimately clients receive the benefit of working with a team of individuals who love what they do and take great pride in providing outstanding service.