Brian Tippens, Chief Diversity Officer with Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE), Appointed as Head of Advisory Board for Omnikal

Immediate Release | Southport, CT


Southport, CT: OMNIKAL.COM, the Nation’s largest inclusive business organization built to empower all entrepreneurs and corporations announced the formation of the OMNIKAL Advisory Board and the selection of Brian Tippens, Chief Diversity Officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) as it’s first chairperson. OMNIKAL (formerly was launched in 1999 to serve the diversity business community. The organization’s members now include most Fortune 500 companies and over 2.5 million entrepreneurs.

“The formation of the OMNIKAL advisory board will bring an extended vision for the development of diversity and inclusion initiatives and strategies ” said Kenton Clarke, Chief Executive Officer at OMNIKAL. “It allows us to bring together thought leadership from some of the nation’s top companies who see a new forward for gaining market share among its customers, developing a more diverse and inclusive workforce and creating wealth for all communities.”

“Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s commitment to supporting a diversity owned company (OMNIKAL) in digitizing the advancement of entrepreneurship speaks well for both HPE and the entire tech industry. There are many positive things happening with diversity in the tech industry and we value these commitments. We also encourage other companies to follow this model,”stated Clarke.


OMNIKAL was founded in 1999. Now the Nation’s largest inclusive business organization, OMNIKAL promotes entrepreneurship and the belief that entrepreneurs create real world solutions to today’s business and economic challenges. By fostering deeper and broader collaboration between business owners and entrepreneurial support organizations, the OMNIKAL network fuels healthier ecosystems through job creation, professional development and drives innovation resulting in strong economic growth for all communities.