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OMNIKAL 18th Annual Top Businesses in America Program Announced: Register at OMNIKAL.com



18th Annual “Top Businesses in America” Awards Program Announced

SOUTHPORT, CT: OMNIKAL, the Nation’s largest inclusive business organization built to empower all entrepreneurs, will be conducting its 18th annual “Top Businesses in America” survey. The research allows entrepreneurs to be identified and honored for their business achievements on a national and regional basis.

Over the course of the year, the selection committee for the “Top Businesses in America” awards carefully evaluates the eligibility for all submissions in each award category. The selection committee bases their decision on an extensive set of criteria which includes: reviewing each entrant’s business profile, website and gross annual sales submitted. The companies selected on these prestigious “Top Business Lists” become collectively known as “ OMNI500”.


This year’s survey will determine:

  • Top 500 Privately Held Businesses
  • 500 Technology Companies
  • 500 Manufacturers
  • 500 Financial Services Companies
  • 500 Women Owned Businesses
  • 500 Diverse Owned Businesses
  • 500 Hispanic Owned Businesses
  • 500 Asian Owned Businesses
  • 500 Native American Owned Businesses
  • 500 African American Owned Businesses
  • 500 Veteran Owned Businesses
  • 500 LGBT Owned Businesses

The OMNI500 Awards is sponsored by major brands, which include: U.S. Postal Service, Wal-Mart, UPS, CVS Caremark, Apple, Northrop Grumman, General Motors, Nestle, Time Warner, Hilton, Raytheon, and Colgate Palmolive, among others.

The OMNI500 Awards are one of the nation’s most coveted awards program. Over 25,000 award recipients have been honored since the program inception. These recipients have been featured in over 2 million Google and media references and have led to over $1.5 Billion in contracts.

It is in our interest to continue to celebrate innovation, progression, and growth among these distinct pioneers. In addition, to continue to raise the profile of entrepreneurs who remain passionate in inspiring the upcoming generations and rebuilding our future. In recognition of these accomplishments, the program is also designed to further promote their efforts in order to generate public awareness on a national scale.

“To be a member of this elite group is indeed an honor. Top businesses that make The OMNI500 Lists receive significant media exposure both locally and nationally, with over 20 million who view and use the lists every year. Including Fortune 1000 corporations, government agencies and educational institutions who are actively looking to do business with top privately-held companies,” said Founder of OMNIKAL, Kenton Clarke. Honorees will be announced at the beginning of January 2018.

The national data collection effort is a massive undertaking. In order to participate, businesses must register for membership at: www.omnikal.com All privately-owned businesses are encouraged to register. Last years honorees received enormous national recognition and exposure for their businesses.


OMNIKAL was founded in 1999. Now the Nation’s largest inclusive business organization, OMNIKAL promotes entrepreneurship and the belief that entrepreneurs create real world solutions to today’s business and economic challenges. By fostering deeper and broader collaboration between business owners and entrepreneurial support organizations, the OMNIKAL network fuels healthier ecosystems through job creation, professional development and drives innovation resulting in strong economic growth.