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“How To Stop Cyberbullying From Hurting Your Business”

By Greg Williams “How To Stop Cyberbullying From Hurting Your Business”   “Cyberbullying is an act that can make the weak feel stronger and the strong feel weaker.” -Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body language Expert In our connected world, cyberbullying can greatly affect businesses. And the types of cyberbullying that can occur, such as bad reviews, false claims and trolling/harassment can occur for reasons of retribution or corporate positioning for a negotiation. Why these attacks occur and how to confront them is the point of this article.       Cyberbullying – Cause, Why: Bullies tend to target those that
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The Importance of Building Collaborative Networks at Work

By Julia E Hubbel The Importance of Building Collaborative Networks at Work   In a world where Facebook rules, Instagram proffers lies about our perfect lives, and the promise of connectedness through social media is singularly isolating, there is still one great truth about work success. Human networks. Let’s be clear here. I’m not talking about how many so-called “friends” you have through your social media outlets. How many folks you pepper with emails when the report is late. This is that set of both internal and external connections that we nurture over time, provide value to, allow to support us and
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Workforce Evolution & Untapped Top Talent

By  Arlene Donovan Workforce Evolution & Untapped Top Talent   The missing link in today’s workplace reflects a significant exclusion of individuals age 45 and older and is present across all industries. This deficiency or some would say exclusion is seen in sectors from universities to hospitals, service providers to practitioners, and faith-based to non-profits. Mature workers are having a difficult time getting hired. The U.S. Department of Labor has taken all of the data into account in its latest projections of labor force participation and according to these estimates, there will even be slight declines in participation among those aged
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