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5 Ways to Do Less So You Can Do More

by Sharon Hurley Hall 5 Ways to Do Less So You Can Do More   Productivity – it’s all about getting more out of your day, right? Well, not necessarily. The truth is that being overloaded can decrease productivity and efficiency by up to 68%, so that’s not the way to go. So sometimes, the best approach is to do less, and make it count. Here are some tips on the “less is more” approach to productivity. 1. Use Your Strengths Most of us have experienced the drag of having a task to do that we’re not particularly good at
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Women Need to Stop Singing “It’s My Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To”

by Pat Heim, Ph.D. and Tammy Hughes The Heim Group, LLC 7 Reasons Why Men Aren’t Responsible for Failing Gender Initiatives. Ashley has been a manager for four years. She leads a highly motivated team that produces great results and has high moral to boot.   But she has recently started thinking about leaving the organization.  The men that were hired on at the same time as she have speedily moved up one or two ranks above her and Ashley feels stuck.  She talked to her boss about her future.  He said that her former colleagues have moved up
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How personality, motivation, company culture can fuel your small business success

by Susan Solovic It’s in style now to talk about company culture. Honestly, the general topic has long been discussed, but in previous days it was referred to as the “work environment.” I do think that the term “company culture” captures the bigger picture and gives us a handle to grab on to as we discuss and try to understand a range of issues that are critical to success in business. The downside is that when we talk about company culture, the focus is often on mission statements, managerial styles, and employee empowerment.
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