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Global Planners Success Story

Global Planners Success Story By Megan Buzzetta President & CEO | Buzz Registration  Global Planners, Inc. (GPI) and it’s subsidiary, BUZZ Registration are WBE-certified companies that support the meeting and events industry. GPI provides meeting planning services, while BUZZ specializes in event registration management. The founder, Megan Buzzetta, has a success story to inspire any woman that with hard work, focus and dedication, you can accomplish your own personal dreams, and most importantly, mentor, guide and build other woman up along the way. Megan launched GPI in the fall of 2000, in a spare bedroom of her home, with a
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Entrepreneurship- Recipe for Wealth Distribution

Entrepreneurship- Recipe for Wealth Distribution Kenton Clarke, Founder Omnikal Our country, the greatest country on the planet, was created, nourished and developed from a spirit of freedom to build and maintain businesses. Professions, developed during the birth of America such as the farmer, miller, blacksmith and trader created the foundation of the economy across America. The deeply rooted belief of ‘opportunity’ in our country for men/women to develop and sustain businesses created the framework for business people to flourish from the onset of our republic. Capitalism and entrepreneurship are what makes America great and continues to create the opportunity to
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