‘The Omni50 has become the nation’s leading barometer of organizations that have achieved recognition amongst the Inclusive Majority population.’

The Omni50 is a listing of the top 50 corporate and government buyers of products and services from an inclusive supply chain throughout the country.
It represents the voices of over 2 million privately owned businesses representing every segment of people that make up the face of the United States.

Top 50 Corporations of Inclusion Announced

The Business Power of an inclusive supply chain results in…

  • more buying power
  • upleveling this group’s lifestyles
  • building more affluent communities
  • and growing economic muscle

…in multicultural markets that are now considered the Inclusive Majority.

While other awards and “top” lists crown companies for overall economic growth, returns to shareholders and similar metrics, the Omni50 is an indicator of which organizations provide the best and the most business awarded to diverse-owned companies. This in turn attracts more corporations, as they compete for market share in multicultural communities.

‘In a marketplace that is increasingly as sensitive to inclusion as it is to revenues, recognizing the top buyers of multicultural products and services is becoming a natural part of the new socioeconomic food chain.’

Omni50 Top Corporate Awards Omnikal register awards business corporate entrepreneur Top List State National Top 500 Privately Held

Those organizations that buy the most products and services, most consistently, from businesses through their impact sourcing program and that sustain the most mutually beneficial business relationships with their inclusive supplier base, should be recognized not only by the entrepreneurs that represent that supplier base, but also by the general public that embody their customer base.

The annual list is produced by an unbiased online survey by privately owned companies. Over 2 million businesses were asked to answer 10 questions about inclusive business practices in the marketplace. Their answers were based on factors such as volume, consistency and quality business opportunities granted to companies targeted for impact sourcing opportunities.

The list of awardees is circulated by over 1,000 organizations that distribute it to their members and associates; it thus reaches millions of consumers every year.
Since 1999, it has become a highly valued metric of corporate excellence in reaching the Inclusive Majority.

Awardees are honored each year at the OMNIKAL Annual Business Summit where you will have the opportunity to connect with them and learn their stories…

2017 Top Omni50 Corporate Awards Omnikal register awards business corporate entrepreneur List State National 500 Privately Held

Rank Top 50 Corporations Rank Top 50 Corporations
1 AT&T Inc. 27 General Motors
2 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 28  Johnson & Johnson
2 Northrop Grumman Corporation 29 The Home Depot, Inc.
3 IBM 30 Avis Budget Group
4 Apple Inc. 31 Hilton Worldwide
5 Bank of America 32 Capital One Financial Corporation
6 Verizon 33 Metlife
7 Raytheon Company 34 Pfizer
8 Kroger 35 Prudential Financial
9 Microsoft 36 Nordstrom
10 The Coca-Cola Company 37 Nationwide
11 Cisco Systems, Inc. 38 Nestlé
12 United Parcel Service 39 Miller Coors
13 Time Warner 40 Ahold USA
14 Altria 40 Delphi
15 PepsiCo Inc. 41 Cardinal Health
16 Target Corporation 42 New York Life
17 Colgate-Palmolive Company 43 Fannie Mae
18 Toyota 44  CVS Health
19 Lockheed Martin 45 Nielsen
20 Ford 46 Vizient
21 Boeing Company 47 Starbucks
22 Pacific Gas & Electric 48 Public Service Enterprise Group
23 Wells Fargo 48 AARP
24 Walgreens 49 Kellogg Company
25 Hewlett-Packard Enterprises / HP Inc.  49 Intel
25 Comcast Corporation  50  Major League Baseball
26 Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association  50  Google