Michelle Van Otten

Michelle Van Otten humbly serves OMNIKAL as Chief Marketing Officer, developing and overseeing the execution of world-changing branding, marketing, organizational ethos and social and business strategy.
Known for her passionate obsession for evolving brands through purpose-driven strategy and solutions that help companies thrive in today’s ‘we’ marketing cycle.

She brings master level training and experience in neuro-linguistics and neuro-science applied to branding, marketing and product development that hooks, engages and creates healthy habits. Her ability to understand people at a level they don’t even understand themselves stems from her ability to tap into and leverage the way we utilize the subconscious and conscious minds in day to day relating and decision making.

Her focus is always on the customer first and innovates extraordinary customer experiences that transform companies into becoming the very best in category. Ultimately creating engaging social brands and marketing strategies that connect, build unforgettable relationships and convert customers into loyal fans.

Her passion for entrepreneurialism and creating captivating brands caught fire after a 10-year career in financial services, having worked as a Wall Street trader in 2 of San Francisco’s top boutique investment banking and trading firms, launching Silicon Valley’s top tech IPOs during the 90’s.

After working on Pixar’s IPO, inspired by Jobs, she was compelled to leave the world of investment banking & trading and make the leap into entrepreneurship. Having launched tech and software startups, and learning through many Silicon Valley style failures, she’s no stranger to what it really takes to succeed on every level.

She’s co-founded and helped develop and launch products and startups that obtain significant capital investments. Her client list includes some of Silicon Valley’s most influential CEOs and tech startups to top brands across many different industries from technology, transportation, natural foods & products, to top tier consultancy IDEO.

Her personal ‘why’ is fueled by helping entrepreneurialism to thrive and serving companies in becoming highly profitable, influential brands that make an impact on the betterment of the world.